Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation 

MALTA – Level 2



  • Starts

    4th July 2021 at 02.00 PM

  • Ends

    10th July 2021 at 12.00 PM

  • Duration

    6 Nights / 7 Days

  • Training Size

    Approximately 30 persons

  • Venue / Accommodation

    Ashram of Love - Traditional Villa Style

  • Food

    3 meals a day (Vegetarian / Vegan available)

  • Beverage

    Water, Juice, Tea, Coffee included

  • Connectivity

    High Speed Fibre Powered Internet

After Level 1 (SSSEx) the work begins once the decision is made that this is the way we want to live and not just a peak experience in a workshop. 
Level 2 (SSSIn) guides you through a series of self initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.
ISTA’s initiation provides the teachings and experiences we didn’t receive around our spirituality, our relationship with the transpersonal and its integration with the personal and universal. This provides us with the opportunity to shift our identity into the soul and become the source of our own life, love and empowered expression in the world.
Its symbol is the offering up of the heart. Once the life is ‘given up’ or ‘taken over’ by this deeper part of ourselves then we are ready for the greater mysteries – the identification with the universal life of our cosmos and planet. The self becomes a source of inflowing current to our surroundings enabling others to awaken, initiate and transform. We become a creative force in our environment.
Level 2 deepens the experience of Level 1 allowing for more hands-on practise with some of the tools and techniques taught. It provides an alchemical container for transformation through group practise, ritual and meditation.


The Shamanic Initiation 
It’s core is death and rebirth. This overcomes the fear of death in the base chakra and also sets the shaman apart from the tribe in order to serve the tribe in a special way. It is an essential component to the integration of sexual and spiritual worlds because it results in the transcendence of ego and the dedication of ones awakened powers to the collective. The result is Power.
The Sexual Initiation 
The rituals in Level 1 awaken a deeper relationship with our sexual energies. In Level 2 we explore the unification of our masculine and feminine, conscious penetration and sacred union. The result is Love.

The Spiritual Initiation
Meditation training and essential identity inquiry open us into our primordial awareness and provide a taste of sunyata or the void experience. An invocatory temple combined with a personal vision quest where each individual has an opportunity for deeper levels of their being to be contacted, honoured and integrated. The result is Presence.


This training is for EVERYONE. It’s open to ALL who are called. The ISTA experience has reached people in all of their diversity. They come from many different backgrounds, professions, religions, spiritual beliefs, races and nationalities.

People from various sexual/relational paths including celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory are also drawn to ISTA. As are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  Couples, individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome.

The practices offered in this training are designed to touch us deeply at the core of our lives as an embodied being.  The only requirement is to have done ISTA level 1.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be s self-responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space.  ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul.

We recommend that if there is known deep-seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get approval to participate from their therapist before entering the group process.


*Due to the current unpredictability of flights and other international regulations, team members might change even at the last  minute

Ohad Pele

Lead Facilitator

Eugene Hedlund


Triambika ma vive



Your Ticket

Are you ready to step up to the next level? Holding yourself while holding other? Maybe you aspire to do this work someday or perhaps you simply want to support the facilitators as they support others.  Please fill in the form as authentically as you can so we can get a real sense of you.  Limited spots are available

For exceptional individuals under age 25 or exceptional individuals over 25 who are coming from difficult background/circumstances disabling them financially such as 3rd world countries, coming from strict religious orders, LGBTQ (in some cases), single parents with no support, those coming from poverty and so on.

Terms & Conditions:

Pricing includes tuition, standard accommodations in a shared room, all meals, mineral water and tea / coffee making facilities in the room.

Pricing does not include travel to/from the event and/ or any permits , visas or tests needed to enter the country. 

Please note it is possible to do this training while wearing face mask, gloves and maintaining social distancing. Your temperature will be checked on arrival and will be isolated if showing a temperature above 37.7 degrees celsius.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event in the case of a risk to the participants. 

Refund Policy:

You are guaranteed a full refund (excluding bank charges):

  • If your departing or arrival airport gets closed and you have no way to get to the training.
  • If Malta introduces measures or criteria for entry into the country which you are unable to meet.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19

If for some other reason you become unable to attend, a €150 administration fee will be withheld and is non-refundable up until 15 days before the event. Once the 15 days before the training has passed the total deposit of €450 is non-refundable.

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