Leah Fund


The LF, was originated out of a deep longing to see people step into their power, activating more life force and showing up for Love.

We trust that the ISTA transmission is a potent piece in the journeys of awakening souls on this planet and so, we wish to make it more accessible for them.

The fund focuses on individuals within the following groups:

  • Exceptional individuals under age 25
  • Exceptional individuals over 25 who are coming from difficult background/circumstances disabling them financially such as 3rd world countries, coming from strict religious orders, LGBTQ (in some cases), single parents with no support, those coming from poverty and so on.

We acknowledge that self-empowerment is a vital piece in this journey, therefore, the fund is inviting those fitting the criteria to partake in our creative energetic circulation (which you will hear about in details further on should you become a part of the LEAH fund process)

We offer a partial funding of 10-40% of the seminar base rate.

The fund is named after one of our beloveds who took her own life, feeling like her soul doesn’t have place in this world, her voice was so loud that it made us take an action and create this fund. A bank of Love for lovers.

We consider each application with love and attention. If we can assist in any way, we will. If we can’t offer financial support, we still hold you in our heart and wish you well in your journey.

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